As a monthly account user, you do not have access to this webinar. You will get around 10 new webinars each semester, so it may be available in your upcoming semester!



As a monthly account user, you do not have access to this webinar. You will get around 10 new webinars each semester, so it may be available in your upcoming semester!



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from parents, players, and coaches


College Committed is hands down the most useful recruiting tool I have come across for female soccer players who want to play at the college level. The player questionnaire was so thorough providing some really viable matching options that I had not seen with other comparable sites. But best of all are the webinars! Getting to hear directly from some of the best college coaches from all divisions and players really shed light on what can be a confusing and sometimes secretive process. It’s like having coffee with the head coach of UCLA. Who gets to do that?

 - Allison D., Mother of u15 player


As a parent, I want the best for my daughter - I want her to find a school where she will thrive and be happy. I am confident College Committed will help me do this. My daughter and I log on to College Committed together to complete tasks and find schools that are the best fits for her. We also watch a few of the webinars each week. Now, when we communicate to colleges and go on college visits, we know what to expect and how to be well prepared for all conversations.

Rick S., Father of u16 Player


Coaches, directors, parents and players check out It’s the best information out there on the recruiting process for girls. The articles are smart, the videos are interesting, and the university explorer is very useful.  You can also get players’ top matches based on an algorithm and a few questions. It's genius. Im excited to see something so comprehensive!

-Amanda Cromwell, DI Head Coach


“College Committed was incredibly easy to use. At all points there were tips and info to make the process simple and a lot less frustrating than other sites we’ve been on.  Since this is our first child going through the process, I will use a lot of what I learned from the videos and explanations for my kids who play other sports as well.  The Resources page was incredible. There has clearly been a lot of research and time and effort put into this website. It was also great to start the dialogue and to give my daughter things to consider and think about. It’s such a great start to her college journey.”

-Asia M., Mother of u13 & u11 Players


As a Director of Coaching, parents and players ask me for help with the college recruiting process on a daily basis. The families that don’t use College Committed come to meetings with dozens of questions and we spend the meetings answering questions. The families that use College Committed come to meetings with me fully prepared, with their thoroughly researched target schools and an understanding of the recruiting process. Instead of spending meetings answering questions, I am able to get on the phone with college coaches and truly help the player get on coaches’ radars.

 - Scott Armstrong, Director of Coaching, Space Coast United

I loved College Committed and can not imagine going through this process without it. The webinars are really amazing but the best part is the checklist and the communication templates. Really keeps me on track and shows me exactly the kind of information college coaches want about players and how/when to get that information to them.

- Lila, U15 Player


College Committed is an extremely valuable and ingenious tool for preparing girls and their parents for college recruiting.  It is fast, easy to navigate and has a wealth of information for athletes and parents. As a parent of a former male college athlete, the process of selecting the right school for your child can be daunting.  College Committed provides a direct path and school matches based on the athlete's preferences. It also provides an opportunity for both the athlete and the parent to educate themselves on every facet of the college recruiting process through webinars at an extremely low rate.

 We have participated in other college recruiting websites but they were very hard to navigate and took a long time to input the information. Also, the other sites do not provide a "match system" based on your preferences-they merely provide you with general information on colleges and require you to do all the research.

We have been thoroughly impressed with College Committed and the coaches that have endorsed them. I feel confident my daughter will find the right college match through College Committed.

-Traci O., Mother of u15 player


“I feel like College Committed was really helpful to get me on the right track. It made me aware of all the different opportunities that existed and made me think about so many things in regards to college that I hadn’t considered. I especially loved the video about what made the players successful, it inspired me.”

-Berkley, u13 Player


College Committed is easy to use for me and my parents. The task list breaks down everything I need to do into small steps I can understand. I try to do at least two tasks per week. The University Explorer is cool for checking out schools and thinking about which one might hopefully be my future college!
Sarah, u14 Player