As a monthly account user, you do not have access to this webinar. You will get around 10 new webinars each semester, so it may be available in your upcoming semester!



As a monthly account user, you do not have access to this webinar. You will get around 10 new webinars each semester, so it may be available in your upcoming semester!



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How it Works

to help you get to a great college

How it Works

A questionnaire to match you with schools

After taking a short questionnaire, our proprietary matching technology will match you with schools that recruit players with similar soccer and academic credentials.   


Guidance on how to match with your target schools

Many players will not initially match with their dream schools. That's okay! We lay out the typical recruit profile at your target schools and what steps you can take to get there.



A task list to outline everything you need to do

Don’t wonder. Know that you’re doing everything to increase your chances in the recruiting process. Our task lists map out everything you should be doing from 8th grade fall to 12th grade summer. You'll know you're doing everything you need to do, when you need to do it.       



50+ Webinars to teach you the ins and outs of the process

Learn what it takes to get recruited from top coaches and players in the game in presentations available whenever, wherever. You’ll learn how to execute each critical part of the process efficiently and effectively.        

Webinar Topics include:

Women’s College Soccer - The Basics
Compliance Basics
Competitiveness of the College Recruiting Process
Should I play ECNL?
Which high school classes should I be taking?
What are ID Clinics? Should I be doing them? Which ones?
Id2, PDP, ODP, TCs - What are they and should I participate?
What college coaches are looking for
Everything you need to know about college visits
...and many more

To see a full list of Presentations: Click here

Inspiration and advice from outstanding college players and coaches

        Hear top college and pro players' stories - from what they did when they were in your shoes to become a nationally recognized player to the mistakes they made during the college process. Hear advice from the nation's top college coaches. This guidance will help you in your recruiting process and far beyond.

Women’s Soccer Specific

The college recruiting process can be vastly different based on sport. The women’s soccer recruiting process is unique - it’s accelerated, highly competitive, but also provides a lot of scholarship opportunity. If you’re using college process tools that cover multiple sports, you’re likely missing out on women’s soccer specific knowledge. We cover only women’s soccer, so everything you learn and use is directly tailored for the women’s college soccer process.

One on One Support Available

The online program can provide all the essential tools to help you navigate your recruiting journey. If you'd like further support, you can work 1 on 1 with one of our team members!
Contact Alyze at for more information one on one support

College Coach approved email templates and email log

No more searching for college coaches’ email addresses or wondering what to say in your email. Using our email system, you can contact any coach at the click of a button. Even better, your emails will be exactly what coaches want - concise, compelling, and containing all the information they need to come see you play. You can even track if they open your email!


User-friendly University Explorer to find and learn about schools

Filter schools based on desired qualities, add your favorites and best fits to “My Schools”, then target them! You’ll see soccer, academic, financial, location, website, and social media information for every school with a women’s soccer program.


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